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  Analysis of Investment Environment
  According to Changsha City’s General Plan (2003-2020) verified and approved by the State Council, Xingsha District is formally listed to the central domain of Changsha city and will become the new core district of East Changsha in the near future,playing the role of leading and radiation in the whole Hunan province. Xingsha, a national level economic and technological development zone with advanced industry and strong economic power, gathered a lot of large-scale enterprises. So far this district has 296 fast growing enterprises covering 6 categories of industry i.e., machinery production, electronics and information, new material, biology program, light industry printing and packing as well as the food and beverage, which add up to 400 projects. Completing the total industrial production value of RMB21billion and realizing the tax income of RMB1.1billion in 2004, this district has become the main force of the industrial development in Changsha city and Hunan province. Its comprehensive economic index has ranked to the second place among 16 national grade development zones in the central and west area of China, with 3 indexes like revenue, import and export volume listed into the top place.

Business & Relaxation Plaza
  It is clearly stated that in Changsha city’s general plan from 2003 to 2020 by the State Council: based on the city framework of one main block, two subsidiaries and four groups, taking the natural formed mountain, water and river as the divided administrative areas, by 2020, the coverage of the urban planning district in Xingsha will reach 64 square kilometers with permanent residential population up to 0.53 million. It is astonishing for Xingsha’s fast growing of economic power, population and territory expansion even in the whole province. It will attract more investment comparing with relatively mature and stable areas.
Changsha Municipal Government planned that in 10 to 15 years Changsha city will aim at the Top 10 in national commercial trade to plan its commercial system such as one business center at municipal-level (i.e., Wuyi Square business center), two secondary business centers at municipal level (i.e., Xingsha secondary business center and Rongwanzhen secondary business center),ten business centers at regional level namely as Changsha Railway Station, Dongtang, Wujialing etc., all of which will be constructed to the regional modernized business centers that highlight the Huxiang culture and link with the east and west areas of China, whereas Xingsha plays the role of municipal level’s secondary business center that will bring Xingsha vast market investment prospect and nuclear-power-liked development potential.
  Xingsha, not only bears the irresistible economic development charm, but also is the modernized green city with the best living environment. In January 4th 2004, Xingsha was rewarded as China’s Living Environmental City model. So far, Xingsha’s rate of urban greening area and forestry coverage is 38.8% and 42% respectively. The public greening area per capita amounts to 9.3 square meters. Thus, Xingsha will be built into a modernized green city as if the city in the forest, the housing in the garden and people in the green.
  Xingsha’s annual foreign investment and capital introduction rank at No.1 in Hunan province thanks to the success of the industrial companies, elegant living environment, scientific development concept, as well as the convergence of the talents and the comfort and transcendent-developing platform. The blueprint of entering into the Top 20 and leading the Central-South predicts its prospective future. By 2010, Xingsha aims at the GDP to 100 billion RMB and the tax fee is up to 5 billion RMB, with annual growth of 29.5%. At that time, it is reasonable to believe that the future of Xingsha Development Zone will be more brilliant, and it is the best and wisest decision to invest in Xingsha Development Zone.
  The Analysis of Land Lot

Chutian Homeland
   "Chutian Homeland" of Chutian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd is located at the joint point of Xingsha Kaiyuan Road and Bancang Road of Changsha Econonic and Technical Development Zone (State Level), where is the core business place of the programming subsidiary business center at municipal level. The 31-floor high building with fashionable outlook stands proudly at the golden place of Xingsha new town center, sculpturing the new town’s image thus becoming the symbol building of Xingsha. With the lifting of Xingsha town’s urban construction and the perfect urban function, the project, characterized by human flourish, environment elegancy, transport convenience and optimistic foreground, will create a high profit, low risky and superior new investment environment for you.

    Human Flourish: In the west there existing North and South Auto World, Broadcast and Television Center, International Meeting and Exhibition Center and Hunan Embroidery Center; In the east there existing the A-Best Supermarket with prosperity both in human stream and merchant stream, and circumjacent communities, such as Xingxing Homeland, Lingxiu Starrytown, Sunshine Jacaranda Garden and other residential area.; In the north there existing administration undertaking organs such as County Committee, County Government Administration, Citizen Security Protection Bureau and Lowhouse.; In the south there existing building material market, leather market, Xin’an Residential Area and four sections of Xingsha . Around the one-kilometer circumference, the completed and on-the-stock commercial house invested by more than ten circumjacent real estate development companies have reached over 10000 units(houses). The number of the inhabitants of this area is increased by 10000 to 20000 annually, and the number of long-term inhabitants will surpass 100000 in the coming three years. Pooling manpower and fortune, we will establish an investment cornucopia for you.
Environment Elegancy: Chutian Homeland Project, adjacent to Tongcheng Virescence Piazza which rolls life fallow, physical building and entertainment into one in the east, is a tall building faces virescence piazza golden land lot. Just as an old common saying of China said: ”The purple gas coming from the east advantages”. In the community, garden greenbelt, pavilion, rivulet and fountains are built, and sweet-scented osmanthus, rhododendron, weeping willow and gingkgo are planted. In spring exsits overlaping grass and red rhododendron; in summer fish swims in the shallow water and willow weeps; in autumn sweet-scented osmanthus smells sweet and cool wind accompanies; and in winter white snow dazzles and sparrows vie for food. The elegant human living environment gives a demonstration to the China Human Living Environment Paradigm Prize which gained by Xingsha. In the north now is programming to build the Tengfei Island and Songya Lake Lie Fallow Holiday-spending Area, which takes up more than 10000 Mu land. To the west exists the Window of the World, Seabed World and golf course which are just five-minute car-driving distance away. The scenery inside and outside the garden echo each other , and the dynamic and static scene bring out the best in each other. Let wealth become a taste and create new investment conception for you.
Transport Convenience: The Xingsha Road, bordering on the second-term Chutian Homeland project of Chutian Real Estate , is connected with Broad East Road and People East Road. Huoxing North Road and Kaiyuan Road put through; Jing-Zhu Highway, Chang-Chang Highway, 319 National Highway, and 107 National Highway connect vertically and horizontally, entrance is also quite close, thus transport network extend in all directions. The project is 15-minute drive from Huanghua Airport, 20-minute drive from the Steamboat Guest Station, 10-minute drive from the Railway Station, and only 15-minute drive from Hunan Xianing Port(cargo container) which connects both lakes and oceans, too. Further more, the project obtains many bus lines which link the downtown area, such as Line 501 Xingsha-Xingsha Round, Line 127 Xingsha-Railway Station, Line 703 Xingsha-South Car Station and so on.
Optimistic Foreground: The perfecting and put-into-use of the programming Xingsha Long-distance Car Station and bus station will promote the area to a more prosperous degree; The in-build Wu-Guang High-speed Railway will cross Xingsha from North to South. After completion, it will get to Guangzhou in more than three hours time and get to Wuhan in more than an hour; The programming west-to-east city underground will also pass the doorway of Chutian Homeland and will set up platform. Such developed transport network will surely bring more business chance and fortune to the area. The programming develop aim of the state level economic development zone (Xingsha) is to become the assemble place which gathers high-tech industry of the middle-west area, modern service industry and high quality human resource, the prop-up point to promote the regional economic structure regulation, and the main force to advance new type industrialization course of Changsha even of the whole province. Such long-range aim and the devoted support of the government plus the leading service concept and scientific development conception will surely help Xingsha to agglomerate human and create infinite business chance. Moreover, Chutian real estate project are all located at the prosperous land lot, thus the optimistic foreground make your investment without afterward worry.
  The Analysis of Consuming Power of The Residents

Super Market
  The private economy in Xingsha Economic Development Zone is very active. The perspective of the state-level developing zones and the preferential policy from the government attract a lot of non-native populations, who purchase the real state, do the business, or invest to set up the factories. Many of the investors who came to Xingsha Economic Development Zone in early stage have been favorably repaid, and accumulated boundless wealth.

  The fast development of Xingsha State-level Economical and Technical Development Zone (industrial park) gave birth to a large group of persons with medium and high income. It takes the “large industry, large logistics, large complete set” as the operating frame, enlarges and improves the complete set construction like roadway transportation, water and electricity supply, and makes efforts to perfect the excellent service system and all kinds of preferential policy that the investors at home and abroad especially the top 500 enterprises of the world can benefit from it. By the end of March of this year, there are 9 enterprises of the world top 500 has settled in Xingsha Economic Development Zone: LG of Korea, Philip of Holland, Daneng of French , Mitsubishi and Nissho lwai of Japan, Coca Cola of America, Sino-cereal Import and Export Corporation, Electrolux of Sweden, Bosch of Germany, and the same time, the large enterprise such as Sany are included., here lots of staffs with high income gather together, and form a huge consumer group.
  The fast development of Xingsha Economic Development Zone and its neighboring districts create many opportunities for the industry such as infrastructure, thus many Xingsha People earned much money; there are high rate of private cars, but no lowest life- guarantee residents and job-losers. Therefore, Xingsha People have great consuming power, which can be found from the price level of commodities and the thriving of the tertiary industry such as catering, the barber and the feet-washing service. The consuming price in Xingsha Economic development Zone is not lower than the Changsha urban area, which is famous for its premature consumption. Besides the two strong consuming groups, Xingsha locals and the non-native labors, many people in neighboring areas such as Huanghua, Ansha, Langli , and Liuyang come here to consume .
With the integration between Xingsha and the urban area, the favorable living environment will attract more and more people from urban area to come to consume and live. At present, in the building areas such as Tianshui Lotus, Shanshui Resident, Chutian Homestead, and Central South Automobile Big World, live huge number of consumers from urban area. Presently, the developing Meilin Shuijun, and villa complex such as Xingfuli, Venice Town will also get the attention from the consumers with high income, and extend the market capacity of Xingsha Zone.
  The uncontroversial facts that such well-known enterprises as Tongcheng Electric Device, A-Best Supermarket, Yichu Lotus Supermarket, KFC have settled in Xingsha, and the consuming power of Xingsha is growing with each passing days, are noticed by other business store, and the foreign snack Mcdonald is ready to set up the branch store in Xingsha. With the enhancement of the maturity degree of Changsha Economic Development Area, Xingsha is making efforts to build a broad platform for the great number of investors and create a graceful, high quality, fair and equal commercial purchasing environment , therefore, it will become a magnet for more investors and consumers.

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